​Cohasset Rotary Club

President Peter Pearce hands Ed Fox the purse!



How do you win this much cash? 
Step 1- Attend a Cohasset Rotary Club meeting 
Step 2- Pay $1 for a chance at the lucky ticket (50% goes towards our grants and 50% goes in the 'pot')
Step 3- When you have the lucky ticket number, pick from a deck of cards TWICE and try to get the Jack of Spades...If you don't get it the two cards you picked are ripped up and the next week the odds are better with less cards!
Step 4- REPEAT steps 1-3 until the Jack of Spades is pulled.

Congratulations Ed Fox the lucky recipient of a pile of cash after about 24 weeks of failed attempts!

Come join the Rotary Club and have fun while fundraising, meeting new people and raising allot of money to give out as grants focusing on Health, Education, Clean Water & Sanitation and PEACE.