27 April 2020: Glenn Pratt, (CEMA) Cohasset Emergency Management Agency
CEMA serves as the Town’s chief resource during emergency situations.   Tonight, Glenn spoke about the Town of Cohasset's handling of COVID-19; and how as the 2nd reported case in Massachusetts (March 1), Cohasset was at the forefront of social distancing and implementing public health and safety measures. 
CEMA is made up of town leaders and public health officials, including Chief of Police, Chief of Fire, Town Manager and CERT (Cohasset Emergency Response Team).  They meet every morning via Zoom and collaborate with other Town officials, from Board of Health and the Town Nurse, to local businesses, schools, senior centers and all local town committees.  They discuss higher levels of government (Massachusetts Governor’s COVID-19 Task Force) and  implement safeguards accordingly.
  • Every morning presents new and unchartered matters, from applying to federal and state grants, to the timeline and future opening and closings of parks, beaches, schools and local businesses.   
  • There was a call for volunteers and more than 80 people responded to help determine community’s need going forward.
  • Glenn emphasized the great teamwork behind CEMA and the collective understanding of some hard decisions that have had to be made made (ie: the cancelling of notable outdoor events such as Arts Festival, 250th plans, Cohasset Tri and of course the Cohasset Road Race, one of the first to officially cancel).
  • Glenn mentioned the leadership taken by Cohasset’s “Big 5” merchants – Stop & Shop, CVS, Curtis Liquors, ???  and construction workers, landscapers and other independent workers are being compliant for the most part and are being closely monitored.  
  • CPD has provided detail to places like the Transfer Station to monitor compliance. 
  • The schools loaned UV light cabinets so first responders (police and fire) can adequately clean PPE.  
  • DPW and Facilities Depts. are working every other week on and off to prevent COVID spread among entire departments 
  • Cohasset has received 3 orders of masks, thermometers and other PPE
  • Schools are providing meals to seniors
  • Council on Aging, LAUNCH, Social Service League and Council on Aging have been working collaboratively on behalf of seniors
  • Other human services departments (Paul Pratt Library, Safe Harbor, Rec Dept.) are staging social media and other public awareness campaigns (note the front lawn of library).   
  • Town meeting date, forum and related voting structures are being examined. 
  • Funding to address and implement measures have exhausted some line items, thus applications and presentations for federal and state funding relief are routinely administered.   
  • The Town’s IT department has been working around the clock to ensure all are up to date with online technology to ensure smooth transition to virtual meetings and work with minimal interruption.  
  • The National Guard has made their Bridgewater station available for towns to pick up PPE equipment.

    For more information about Cohasset's Emergency Services, Committees and updates, visit the Town Website or specifically the COVID-19 specific page:  https://www.cohassetma.org/CivicAlerts.aspx?AID=123