April 5th, 2020: Road Race run by family of three
On April 5, 2020 our Road Race-by-the-Sea Race Director Linda Fechter made lemonade out of lemons and allowed Jack Bowen to complete his 44th consecutive(!) Cohasset Road Race-by-the-Sea with his children along side him.  He was presented his award of a roll of toilet paper, 143 sticker and a hand 'engraved' medal by his wife Nancy.  10 foot distancing, and gloves were observed by all of the handful of spectators.  Thank you to Dan Leahy who continues to capture our unique and supportive community on film.
Cohasset Road Race by the Sea 10K had 3 unofficial participants (in addition to a handful of others we met at the finish--who were always at least 10 feet apart). We're only sad we couldn't be more generous with 1st prize, ONE roll is all we could spare. Please note that although these photos may appear to look like there were no precautions, it was all SAFETY FIRST for the hour that we were out there. Gloves, mask (the break tape is much longer than it looks in this photo so we took our masks off when he crossed.). Photos that may appear close up, were in fact, taken very far away. We were always more like 10-20 feet apart. And the photos of the three runners and the medal ceremony were all members of the same family who live together during the pandemic. We take this all with the seriousness and respect that it deserves, It was very nice to have something to smile about yesterday for just a short while. And we are all back home. Stay safe. Let's all flatten the curve together. (and yes, to answer your question, there were hot dogs for the winners).