Monday, Ross Rosano gave members an overview of the current harbor dredging program

Harbormaster Lorri Gibbons started process to get commitment to dredge in 2006 when she arrived in Cohasset as Harbormaster; previous dredging (entire harbor) had taken place in 1998. The current project has brought crews from throughout country.

Army Corps of Engineers is overseeing the project and is covered by Federal grants


- Bid solicitations went out in 2013
- Estimate $2.1 million —— H2H Associates Troy NY won bid at $1.7 million
- BlueWater - 12,000 feet of pipe trucked here; fused when it got here
- Project consists of physical dredging, oversight/management, and beach work.  The beach work is being handled by Ross Rosano who has a personal interest in a positive outcome as a town citizen who enjoys the beach.
- 2500 gallons of water a minute (20% of it is sand)
- 28,000 yards have already been pumped out (almost 1/2 of project)
- local economy benefitting:: dredging crew is spending time and money on the South Shore by renting homes/hotel rooms; food restaurant; fuel (1,000 gallons a day of fuel) 

- H2H seeking to extend work deadline beyond end of January when the project was to end due to flounder egg laying and horseshoe crab breeding which happens in the February/March months.