January 11th 
Lightkeepers Cottage
All are invited to find out
What the Heck do Rotarians do Anyways... and in Cohasset?
You have seen the wheel on the sign on the side of the road for decades...
Your grandfather was a Rotarian and gathered every single week for fellowship,
but you have NO IDEA what he did...
You are an Eagle Scout who had his project funded by Rotary...
You received a college scholarship from Rotary
Cohasset has awarded over $500,000 in college scholarships since our charter in 1941...WHAT!!!
but could it possibly be for you?
Are you a male or female? (Our club is 41% female.)
Are you between 25 and 100 years old?
Do you like helping others OR want to begin helping others?
Did you know our club is part of Rotary International which has eradicated Polio in all but two countries worldwide?
Of the 10,080 hours in a week do you possibly have 90 minutes to focus on others,
have a nice dinner, make friends with people you might never have met and listen to interesting speakers?
Do you know we run the well loved 
Road Race-by-the-Sea, 
the Cohasset Rotary Phone Book and
a Harvest Wine Diner and Auction to raise money?
Are international friendships and travel of interest to you?
Rotary makes reaching out to others all over the world VERY easy.
Be our guest for dinner 6:30-8PM, January 11th 
and check us out.
Make no assumptions.
Check out what Rotary is all about.
Check out what our specific club does.
Check out what the time commitment (and enjoyment) is.
RSVP CohassetRotaryClub@gmail.com