Ray Riddle was one of four volunteers from Mission Honduras who attended our meeting tonight.  Rotarian Wayne Robbins has volunteered on five trips himself!
Honduras is the 2nd poorest in S. America after Haiti
6 out of 10 live in extreme poverty (earning less than $2.50/day). A good salary is $450/month
Gangs/recruiting are a huge problem
Mission Honduras built Hector Newman School
    7 classrooms now
    Computer school for young adults
    Teaches academics, computer skills and  Christian values
    All wear uniforms
    Public school will cost $25-$30/mo for supplies and uniform.  Families have to choose which child can attend due to cost.
Current Project cost: $28,500.  Cohasset Rotary Club granted $2000.
Looking for donations plus people can sponsor a child.
Needs in addition to sponsorship:
 Flip flops
 Pre/post natal vitamins & children's vitamins 
For more information check out Facebook page- ABCHonduras