"Best meeting ever!" were the emails we received after Veteran Dave Mann spoke to a packed room at the Lightkeepers Cottage.  
About 85 people turned out including two history teachers and 50 of their US History students for dinner and to hear the story of WWII from Dave Mann.  The take-away was ask a vet about his/her experience.  WWII vets are dying at 800 per day in the US.  Do not let history die with them.  Many vets are reluctant to speak of their experiences however Dave Mann instructs us to ask anyway and he feel these valuable, brave parents and grandparents will share their knowledge, experiences and wisdom.Mann, who will celebrate his 90th birthday on July 31, was just a freshman at University of New Hampshire when he received a letter from the United States Draft Board. He was deployed in November 1943, just shy of his 18th birthday. He spent three years in Europe as a Combat Engineer, Third Army, under General George Patton. Mann won three purple hearts, survived the attack on D-Day and fought the Battle of the Bulge. He was the only soldier to survive a hit on his unit. He was 21 years old when he returned home as a hero