Last night we had the distinct pleasure of meeting at the Cohasset Historical Society where Rotarian Tom Gruber, a Historical Society member, gave a few visitors a tour of the building which included a newly donated painting of Captain John Smith arriving in Cohasset.  This painting was done by the same artist MacIvor Reddie who painted the inside of the foyer dome with depictions of the times.Image


Kathy O'Malley the President of the Historical Society welcomed all of us and turned the meeting over to Captain John Smith (aka Joe Hamilton) who told us all about 'his' life.  Joe Hamilton portrayed Captain John Smith last week for the town's 400th anniversary celebrations of Captain John Smith visit to Cohasset.Image

President Peter Pearce and Tom Gruber, Rotarian and Historical Society member presented Cohasset Historical Society president Kathy O'Malley with a check for $2000.